Create maintainable, tested, idiomatic, consistent, deployable applications in minutes not weeks.

When we write good code, we have service classes that all look the same...

and only a tiny bit of the code is interesting...

We have data classes that are even worse...

and our tests are also full of boilerplate...

Our business logic is spread sparsely across lots of files. Writing code becomes slow and less fun...

Computers are good at understanding files of code, humans are not. To explain our code we draw arrows and boxes...

Humans are good at understanding pictures, we've been doing it longer...

With Unitily we draw pictures to design our software, only write the interesting code, and generate files for the computer to understand.

Unitily is a UI driven development environment. It creates code that is...


The software craftsmanship movement has taught us how important it is to write well structured maintainable code. However, all too often the short term financial concerns of the business are prioritesed over the long term stability of the product, all the while technical debt is increasing. This is simply because writing clean code is not easy, it takes time, or at least it used to. Using Unitily, you'll create clean maintainable code, which adheres to the SOLID priniciples without even trying.


To compete in today's software industry we need to be able to move fast. We need to be able to change our code and deploy it instantly without breaking any existing features. Manual testing simply doesnt cut it, and automated tests can be brittle. With Unitily it's a breeze to create suites of unit tests. You'll also be able to create resilient itegration tests without worrying about external dependencies.


Our code should follow the styles and conventions of the language and technologies we use. If we google for a solution we'll understand it immediately, new starters will have no problem getting on board, and our servers wont go down in the middle of the night because we used our own bespoke solution to a problem. With unitily you'll design programs in a language agnostic mannar, and be able to generate idomatic source code in a range of langauges.


When all the developers in a team share the same coding styles, that team moves fast. Pull requests are a breeze, the good ones fly by, problems are picked up on immediately because they are not obfuscated by noise. Anyone can work on anything immediately, the only thing a devloper may be unfamiliar with is the business logic. With Utility, all source code and tests are created with the same coding standards, you'll never open an unfamiliar file again.


As well as beautiful code, Unitily creates infrastructure as code so you can deploy your application and its dependencies. You'll be able to spin up and tear down test environments at the push of a button, and deploy to production with no effort at all.


Software is naturally opaque. If you start work extending a house, everything that effects the job is very visible. You can see the house in front of you. Code is not like this, parts of it are hidden away from you in files you didn't think could possibly be related. With Unitily you can visualize your code and all its dependencies. You'll never again find logic lurking in the shadows that you didn't know existed.


The first steps of any application often include the same repetitive steps. Add the logger, the DI framework, the config file loader, etc. Sometimes you are lucky and have a working example to copy from. Other times you are left googling to make it fit your specific use case. With Unitily you don't need to spend time on this, it just comes out the box.


Unitily works on a codebase just like any other developer, it pushes changes to Github and creates pull requests. You can then pull locally, build, test, and deploy with your normal toolchain. So if at any point you want to stop using it, you can. But we dont think you will.